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    Need instant Big time help

    hey guys im a noob at this stuf.. and yes im new.. well my question is.. i have a personal website nothign BIG just personal that i upload some photo and info das all.. and i already like made it HTML script/VB so now i uploaded to geocitis but it gets me mad cause it says i cant upload a file more that 5mb at one time this n dat somethign doesnt work so much so what i wante dto know is there other way i can put that website up so ppl cann view and not have problem without no ADS like say directly from my computer? or somthign? if anyone can help me thourh the basic plz n thankx

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    Maybe you want to check for free hosting better than Geocities that gives you FTP access.

    I recommend you go to:
    Jorge Campos | WBpro
    Web Building Professionals

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    k thankx.. but i was jsut wondering isnt there a way that i can purchase a domain for 1 year w w w. _____ . c om and then i can run the files directly from my computer?

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    you can, don't expect it to be fast though. you could use something like to point the domain and then run a webserver on your home computer.

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    ok thankx ill check it out

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    meh i give up to confusing for me..

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