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    Planning for honeymoon-need help

    I'm expected to go on Honeymoon around December, Me and my wife like the idea of going to Asia, I was wondering if anyone can suggest a certain country for us, we are not looking for sunny beaches and so, we are looking for touring around the country, monuments, and lots of shopping

    Weather in this specific time of year is an important factor in our choice, we don't want to freeze or catch "any" kind of Flu , so hot or moderate weather countries is preferred. - Marketing with Passion
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    Australia is in Asia, well, kind of. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    Originally posted by Aussie Bob
    Australia is in Asia, well, kind of.
    Sure is

    Asia eh, Hmmm how about Dubai? Trust me you can shop till you drop at that place and its a beautiful place too.

    I mean with buildings and hotels like:

    Expect to pay alot of $$$ though

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    i was looking for more oriental places like Indonesia, Malaysia , Thailand...etc, anyone with a past experience? - Marketing with Passion
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    Yeah, here's a suggestion, save the $, get a local hotel for a week, and plan a nice vacation next year when you'll enjoy the sights too

    My wife and I only wished that ours had been a bit longer, 8 days wasn't nearly enough, and as I wanted to do everything we could, about 1/2 of the vacation was spent sight seeing and traveling to activities. Though enjoyable, there's also some serious R & R needed after months (or years) of planning and having a wedding. Luckily we had a 14 hour flight the next morning, so I slept most of the way.

    Congrats though, we went to Maui, so it's probably not the vacation you're looking for, but very nice ideas.

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    Don't feel like going to Paris? Italy would be a great choice, the architecture there is beautiful
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