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    MS Access on Window VPS

    My previous shared host had a private folder where the database could be placed, an odbc connection could then be created and pointed at the file.

    Am I right in thinking that this cant be done in plesk as the private folder is inaccessible to the web processes?

    I have created a folder called securedb and placed my db file in there, ive also created an odbc and pointed it at the file. Ive made the folder password protected so the db cant be downloaded.

    I now get the following error on every other page load ...

    Provider error '80004005'
    Unspecified error

    Ive made the folder writable but this hasnt helped.

    Ive been told that plesk does not support MS Access dbs, which I find a little hard to beleive as theres an option in odbc's to add an access dsn.

    Can someone point me in direction of how an access db should be setup on a plesk windows system?

    Thanks in advance

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