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    Rack911 - $50 dollar Server security package. WE DO OS MIGRATIONS AND KERNEL UPGRADES

    Limit compiler & fetch utilities access to root only
    Correct folder permissions to prevent directory transversal
    Disable Unused services
    Update all server/control panel software
    Remove os default users & groups
    Remove uneeded operating system packages
    Harden host.conf
    Improve OpenSSH configuration to be security oriented
    Disable certain php functions (system,exec,shell_exec)
    Configure Anti-Spam solution for email
    Configure Anti-Virus solution for email
    Install and configure Mod_security for apache
    Install and configure Mod_dosevasive for apache
    Installation of APF (Advanced Policy Firewall)
    Installation of BFD (Brute Force Protection)
    Installation of PRM (Process Resource Monitor)
    Installation of SIM (System Integrity monitor)
    Installation of Chkrootkit (daily reports will be sent)
    Installation of Rkhunter (daily reports will be sent)
    Upgrade kernel to latest os release (add grsecurity or openwall - $10)
    Enforce LCAP limitations
    Disable IP Source Routing
    Disable ICMP Redirect Acceptance
    Enable IP Spoofing Protection
    Enable syncookie Protection
    Enable misc. sysctl settings
    $50 dollars. LIMITED TIME ONLY!! Please mention this thread when ordering.

    Kernel Upgrades start at $20
    Centos Migrations start at $5

    [email protected]

    Please mention this thread when ordering.
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    How much to do 4 RedHat 9 Migrations to CentOS. The site is live and running a PHP/Java Application with a couple of daemons. 3 Web Servers and 1 dB Server?

    Would it affect the existing machine operations? I mean reconfiguration etc.

    Reply in PM.
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