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    Question Whats the best way of promoting your hosting site?

    Can anybody please tell me whats the best way of promoting your hosting site?

    Thanks Guys

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    $1 unlimited everything LOL.

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    When people find the BEST way they tend to keep it to themselves. Why share it with the competition?
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    What market are you targeting? This will help determine the answer.
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    Buy 2-page spreads in every major PC-related magazine around the world every month for half a year or so. It worked for 1&1.
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    Originally posted by Skeptical
    $1 unlimited everything LOL.

    btw, spread of mouth is the best way to advertise. But you have to start to spread it..

    Also you can pay for some space in websites..but, I don't like too much that idea for now.

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    It isn't about where you advertise, it is about how you advertise. And these tactics are basically learned over time, and once learned are rarely ever given as free advice. I'm sure you wouldn't give out trade secrets your business utilizes to capitalize.

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    Marketing is one mile deep and 15 miles wide. You can not mix all this marketing plan and tactics in same way as your competitors are doing. Most of the time we generalize things in one setup and ending up in frustation or failure.

    I think it's also equally important to generate marketing intelligence through research and analysis based on your personal experience to a specific market segments.

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    With the huge number of hosts out there now, you pretty much have to choose your little corner of the market and focus on that.
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    Most of your business comes through web searches so you should always think how to increase searchability and over all views of your site in a broader way rather than focusing a little corner market, perhaps the location based services can help you to spread out your business in greater size.

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