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    I have a dedicated server with cPanel and Fedora Core 2.
    I would like to switch to another company, that should offer Debian as SO, and any control panel which supports mass-account migration from cPanel. cPanel itself would be ok, in case that it supports mass migration. BUT i would like to use Apache 2, which cPanel doesn't support.

    Can you recommend some companies with these freatures?


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    There are loads of providers who offer Debian, infact i'd say around 80% of providers found on these forums publicise that they can offer Debian. The other 20% would offer it if specially requested

    As for control panel, most Debian migrations are currently *still* in beta status.

    CPanel + Debian = In beta. Iv'e never played with CPanel on Debian, so I don't know if it's stable or not.

    DirectAdmin + Debian = In beta. It seems to be running well, with quite a few hosts actually running DA+Debian on production servers. You'll need to be a very competent administrator incase major errors arise.

    VHCS + Debian = Probably the first hosting control panel introduced to Debian, quite mature now at version 2.4. Free and open source, although may not offer all the features you need (it's still pretty cool, check it out at

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    Plesk 7.5.4 is available for Debian 3.1 and supports the migration from cPanel.

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