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    Need Help Regarding Hosting


    I have a web site hosted on a company in our area(India/Calcutta).

    Now I need some city functionality like When I create a cility from pho/mysql it'll reflected on subdomain(like This subdomain functionality should be automated and need to be virtual too. I tried with .htaccess. But it said dns error. I searched google and found that it needs to update the 'A' record in domain db file. I told the host to do so. Now it seem they did it. Now a CPANEL error page is showing like "There is no website configured to this address". I also told my host to modify the Apache httpd.conf file for <virtualhost> serveralias stuff. But I think they are confused about this and I think I need to find a better host where I can able to do these stuff.

    Can you guys please tell me if I am walking in right direction for my need. I mean to say... if I change the host can I do all these stuffs?

    Also I would be grateful if yo guys can tell me any hosting company who provide these supports. I do not know such company.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Your DNS is not located or your hosting service is not register your domain in their DNS resolvers.Understand?

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    In your .htaccess file it should be possible to use mod_rewrite to dynamically (virtually) take a url such as: ->

    This rewrite may need to be done at the httpd.conf level, as you have already discovered. Your best bet is to ask around and find a host that will be willing to do this for you, or look into a VPS account where you can do it yourself.

    A wildcard A record: * should point to your shared IP address and that will resolve the DNS issue. A host that gives you access to your DNS records through the control panel should give you the ability to do this without much effort.

    Hope this helps !

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    A line like this:

    RedirectMatch (.*)$1

    In your virtualhost directive (if your host can add it for you) in httpd.conf

    And in your named (DNS) entry:

    * 14400 IN A

    Should do the trick!

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    Thanks for responding. Actually my host is also a my domain register. So they updated the domain db. They have in the * 14400 IN A already. But they are confused about that <virtualhost> stuff in httpd.conf file. More over they does not give me ability to do that myself. Can you please tell me what is a VPS account? Do i need to tell them that I need it. I have CPANEL account to do all the jobs.


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    With any shared host you will not have the ability to edit your httpd.conf on your own - changes to this file (as you have discovered) need to be carried out by the host. I suggested the VPS account as an option because this will give you your own "virtual private server" where you will have access to all system services (apache/mysql/bind/etc), however, if you are not familiar with linux system administration, I do not advise taking this route. It will give you the ability to edit httpd.conf yourself, but it will also be significantly more money, and more work.

    It is not unusual for your host to be reluctant to manually edit your httpd.conf file, since these changes will more than likely get overwritten by their control panel software (CPanel/WHM) unless it allows for custom configurations (I am not familar with CPanel specifically).

    Your best bet is to tell them EXACTLY what you need in your virtualhost directive and explain the purpose of it (if you haven't already). If they won't do it for you, or can't do it for you - you'd need to find a different host.

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    Hello Matt,

    Thank you very much for your valuable sugession.


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