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    I'm using Resellerzoom right now and it's a reseller account with a shared IP. i would like to buy a dedicated IP because i heard that it's better for search engine, because if you submit sites with the same IP, they might consider it spam (it's better to believe it now than having your sites banned latter.) I was also wondering if i should get a name server also? what's a name server server used for anyways? can someone explain? thank you

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    I would just get a dedicated IP for the fact that it could further keep you anonymous from ResellerZoom to your customers.

    Private name servers are good if you have customers that pay you for web hosting services and you don't want them to know that you're a reseller -- also to kind of make it look professional.

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    If the site you have hosted with them isn't reselling hosting then I wouldn't bother with nameservers. As chris said, its just to keep you a bit more anonymous from ResellerZoom. As far as whether a dedicated IP helps with search engine rankings have you looked for any reliable sources on that, no use spending the money if there is nothing online to backup the claim.
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    I have a reseller account, but i'm not planning on using it as a reseller. I just need alot of domains so that's why i'm using a reseller account. I dont plan on selling an account to anyone. so i dont need a nameserver right?

    as far as dedicated IP and search engine goes, i have been to a few SEO related and marketing forums and a few say that it does help to get a dedicated IP. I mean it's better to believe them than lose sales at the end.

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    That is correct, you would only require private nameservers if you wanted to sell web hosting to others. You would need nameservers to keep ResellerZoom anonymous to your clients. Since you are only hosting your own domains, I do not think it would matter to you

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    thanks for the help and clearing the confusion

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