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    Price for 26 car domain names

    I don´t have time to build them. What can I ask for them. I have no idea. And should I sell them separate or together. They are not online.

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    IMHO You could ask for some time to let you delete them before you get sued and lose and arm and leg, as all those are trademark infrigements and could cause you a lot of harm.
    I'm surprised to see in such an experienced forum that some people still think they can capitalize on other's reputation and trademarks...

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    Do a search for for instance Cadillac in Google. See how many domains have Cadillac in their domain name. I don't think this is a problem.

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    Reg fee for these I would say.

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    I don't necessarily think trademark would be a problem - it would all depend on what the site at the domain would be doing.

    But then, I don't think the domains are even worth their registration fee. Do you realize how hard they would be to remember?
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