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    * Tarja out of Nightwish?!?

    No waaaayyy!, for all the Nightwish fans, and followers, Tarja, the lead vocalist of rock-metal band "Nightwish" has been fired of the band.

    It's not a hoax, because this info comes from the official site ( )

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    Thats a drag, but theres a ton in there I didn't know. If it were my band, I'd fire her too based on what's in the letter.

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    That's too bad but I'm sure they'll easily find a new singer, sounds like she let this Marcelo fellow fill her head with delusions of grandeur and the band finally said "enough". Plenty of great bands have replaced singers and continued on to continued or even greater successes.

    Here's hoping the next Nightwish album will be as awesome as the rest.
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