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    [Wanted] Flash designer to spice up header

    Looking for a flash designer to spice up my header on my website. If your interested, contact me and we can discuss price.

    Can view header at

    Contact information:
    AIM: skelkeys


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    Good sir, aquiring information.

    Before we begin we would like to inform your respectable person that we will need your budget.

    A piece of this nature for "flashing up" will require a sliced .psd in able to work with it in any manner. Possibly seperate gif images of each banner feature will be useful too. I will not ask how you would like me to "flash up" this banner, I'll leave that to the creative imagination, but I will need your budget as well as the afore mentioned files. We usually aquire projects requiring touching up for $150-$250, and it will go in our portfolio. Whichever the case, tell me your budget anyway, one of our lower representatives might wish to take the project.

    You are qaulity.
    ~C.e.o - WLR LLC

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    I can do you banner flash if you want price $50 contact me if you want

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