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    [Sale] Web Hosting company


    I am considering selling It is shared hosting company, currently with no clients (as I just finished it yesterday). I am currently using resellerzoom's services to host it, and it is prepaid until Augest 16th 2006. (Value of $250)

    Billing is done by Clientexec, and the site design is completly 100% unique and personally think it looks awesome.

    Sale will come with:
    -Domain name
    -Unique Design ($100)
    -Completed Web Page
    -All PSD files for Design
    -Resellerzoom account - Paid till Augest 16, 2006 - $250
    - to check out package (A-1)
    -Rapid SSL Certificate ($30 - Paid till Oct 14, 2006)
    -Support is done through resellerzoom's support.

    All you will have to do is promote the site! This is why I am considering selling, as I ran out of money to promote!

    I am only taking offers by PM or e-mail ([email protected]).

    Please note I may not choose any offers unless I feel it is fair.


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    The Clientexec licence is included.

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    its an owned license?
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    no, it comes with the hosting package from Resellerzoom.

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    The design, although it may look ok, is not designed well at all. The homepage is 100% graphics, straight from Adobe Photoshop Slicing Wizard, with no text, and so search engines will not be able to index it. If you modified the design, then maybe some more people would be interested.
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    check it again...

    edit: and also please, if you have a comment like the one above, please PM it to me, rather than posting it. I am not looking for comments here, just questions.

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