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    What's your plan during the Hurricane?

    Unfortunately our local office is located in South Florida causing us some headache's with the hurricane and I was curious as to what some of our fellow WHT members that are from FL are doing to prepare for this unfortunate event. What do you do if you loose power / internet? Remote employee's always help but just not being available due to this is just scary. Outages, tickets, phone calls, etc etc. Is there any good way to handle this situation?

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    If I were you I'd try to get a backup box in a different part of the country so the outages and tickets are taken care of. If possible, you should also try and forward your phone calls to a cell phone, etc.

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    We are currently under a tornado warning here untill 1AM EST. Tomorrow when the hurricane hits I will just sit here and listen to the wind howl. My area may only see up to 70mph gusts max. Port Richey (Pasco County) Area here. If it heads more north then we will get more winds then I will change my plans. I will flip my couch upside down and crawl under it if worse comes to worse.

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    While my office in in Florida, my servers are not. The servers are monitored and my partner is in California, so support should continue as normal. Biggest problem is that some customers always email me directly instead of using the help ticket system.

    Communications may or may not be possible. I have phone and cable internet connections. Backup is Treo running on Sprint.

    I went through the same thing last year and everything worked out just fine - even with 3 days with no power. I do have a generator, but it seems that when the power is out, so is everything. Hoping this year is as smooth.

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