VariLogiX announces customization of its telephony Fraud Prevention Technology for web hosts

DEARBORN HEIGHTS, MI (10/21/05) - VariLogiX (, a leading provider of real time telephony fraud prevention services, announced today that it has expanded its telephone fraud verification service for its flagship FraudCall product, with the addition of a speech recognition verification system.

The service, which allows online merchants to verify their customers’ orders before their credit card is processed, saves merchants processing fees and chargeback fees if the order is fraudulent.

VariLogix telephony solutions with IVR capabilities has been integrated in the past into web hosting billing software such as WHM Auto Pilot, ModernBill, and SW-Soft’s HSPComplete.

Effective October 2005, VariLogix will offer the new speech recognition service for all service packages, and will allow its clients to approve roughly 45% more orders from countries whose telephones do not support touch-tone dialing.

“Our system is incredibly robust,” said VariLogiX President James Ryan. “The only requirement is that our customers know what they want to accomplish.”

FraudCall, which online merchants use to verify orders via phone confirmation, is a scalable product that was developed in March of 2004 by VariLogix that reduces fraud orders by roughly 99 percent. To date, it has prevented over 35,000 fraudulent orders.

“What we are offering is revolutionary in terms of price and scalability,” said VariLogiX President James Ryan. “In our industry, fraud can make or break a company. Finally, we have a way to prevent it.”

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About VariLogiX
Based in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, VariLogix ( is a privately held IVR and anti-fraud solutions provider specializing in Fraud Prevention services. With a capacity to place over 2,400 calls an hour to over 200 countries, it has quickly become the leading provider of telephony solutions for hosting companies.

About FraudCall
Developed by VariLogiX, FraudCall allows e-commerce companies to place verification calls to customers via an automated system. Available in one of three packages, the system is an economical way to substantially reduce or even eliminate fraudulent orders.