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    [WANTED] Photoshop Tutorial Writer

    I'm looking for photoshop tutorial writers to create unique tutorials for

    - I don't care how old you are.
    - Must write tutorials with fluent English, without spelling mistakes.
    - All content MUST be 100% unique, after I receive a tutorial, I search the web for anything like it, if you copied it, I will find out and you will NOT get paid!
    - I prefer if the tutorials teach something like Photo Retouch, tutorials that even the average Joe can use.
    - Tutorial must get accepted at for you to get paid. That's a good way to filter out the good and the bad tutorials. Check out their site to see what they accept [they accept around 60% of tutorials submitted]

    - Pay will start at $15/tutorial, if your tutorial is popular, your pay might rise [$20+/tut].
    - We can pay via PayPal if that's what you want.
    - We can pay whenever you want, no monthly pays, whenever you wish.

    If you're interested, please email [email protected]

    - Tomer
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    Hello Tomer.

    I also can write photoshop tutorials i will send you email.


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    Hey, I don't remember you paying me for this tutorial.
    I remember you saying Good-Tutorials never accepted it but you still used it. You only payed me for the braces removal tutorial.

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