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    * Help selecting good host.

    Hey, i have a medium sized upload site that has increasing traffic each day.
    I am looking for about 5/6GB Bandwith with ability to add more as time goes by.
    About 100gb or more bandwith.

    For under $16.

    So far i think hostingzooms shared plan is the best with 5gb space and 100gb bandwith for $6.95 per month payed on an annual basis.
    cpanel 10, urchin stats, dual xeon server e.t.c.

    Any better?

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    Is support important for you? If so before signing up I would test their support team.

    for my standards that price seems kind of cheap for what they offer.
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    I have a reseller package with resellerzoom, their sister company who use the same datacenter and support team as hostingzoom.
    Support is very good.

    I have looked around at some of the big major companies and found nothing similar in cost, seems like a very good deal.
    I have already asked if they will transfer from the old server and theys aid yeah they will.

    It has 30 day money back so nothing to lose i guess.

    Any better anyone?

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    I would never pay for a full year in advance. what happens once you get 4 months into the hosting and you're opinion of them changes, nothing you can do since you already paid for a years worth of hosting. JMHO
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    But even then - with monthly payments for the cheaper, 'value' hosts, watch out with ther terms and conditions as some may enter you into an agreement of a 12month contract which would be harder to get out of than if it is month in month out basis.... to be honest its not something to particular worry about with value shared hosting.. but is MORE so with monthly value dedicated or similar..

    Just one thing to watch out for

    Is your site business realted gogogoexo? or just personal?

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    HostingZoom has very good feedback around here, I think you will not be making a wrong decision by choosing them as your host. If you do a search, you will know what I mean

    Best of luck, be sure to post a review in a few months if you do decide to choose them. Always remember to keep your personal backups no matter who you choose to host your website.

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    I have a reseller package with resellerzoom, their sister company who use the same datacenter and support team as hostingzoom.
    Support is very good.
    I've always supported the idea of sticking to a host you know, trust, and are happy with.

    Any better anyone?
    Given the circumstances (your experience with the company), "any better" would basically mean any cheaper. Seing how the plan you're interested in is already very inexpensive, I don't see a need to scour the net for something even cheaper.

    The only reason I see for trying out another host is to check if the pastures are as green or greener elsewhere, probably in an attempt to "not keep all your eggs in a single basket".

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    Thanks all, its a personal website which allows people to upload files but i sell adspace which gains enough revenue to make the cost of hosting up to 15 dollars nothing.

    Ill definately post a review of them after a few months, i know ive had an excellent time with resellerzoom advanced plans so im looking forward to a shared plan with them.
    Plus it has urchin stats which apparently is pretty good.

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    Well, the choice is really all in your hands. Although, as stated above, I would never pay for a full year in advance.

    Maybe quarterly, or even semi-annually, but I would never do annually.

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    The setup fee of 10 dollars is waived if i go annually.
    I have 30 day money back anyway, so if its crap it cant be that much of a problem.

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    By all means, go for it Gogogoexo!
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