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    Need server advice for business hosting

    We are getting more and more into business hosting, hosting online stores for business, and we are looking to upgrade one of our servers. Since a lot of these sites are database drive, mysql, and Spamassassin uses mysql for its rules we are looking for a server that can handle heavy database load.

    Hardware wise we are looking at either a dual Xeon system or a AMD 64bit system. If a AMD 64bit system can do the job just as well as a dual XEON then I rather go with the financially better decision. Your thoughts?


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    I'd say the stock answer would look something like this:
    1. There are advantages to using multiple servers and optimizing each one for a single task -- a web server, a MySQL server, etc. You'll get better performance with a dedicated SQL server and a dedicated web server than you will with 2 servers each performing both tasks.
    2. Two processor machines feel like they run a bit smoother than single processor boxes. I prefer them, as do many other.
    3. If you're gonna be using a lot of CPU, the way to go seems to be dual Opterons -- you'll get some complaints (what about dual core Athlon-64's!!!) but not many.

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