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    Sitebuilder and Shopping Cart

    I got my own server recently and I am looking for sitebuilder and shopping cart for my customer to use. I am using HELM control panel and Windows OS. Like sitebuilder CX is nice, but hard for my customer to use, seem like only suitable for Web designer.

    Any suggestions? If sitebuilder and shopping cart can come together like sitebuilder CX will be nice. Thanks.

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    There is sitestudio and sitebuilder, try doing a search on here

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    psoft has one, forgot the full name though.

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    Sitebuilder CX is great stuff imho.

    For alternative, there is this -> .

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    I am using Windows server at the moment. I heard about sitebuilder CX, but that's web based sitebuilder software. I am looking for a software like SWsoft's sitebuilder, can install in server and let my customer to share it.
    SWsoft is nice but I need shopping cart. Is someone can suggest any server based shopping cart? Thanks.

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    swsoft's sitebuilder is free of cost for windows , upto oct'06, for shopping cart, I dont know id linux based carts are compatible with windows Os
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    Originally posted by FernandoT
    SiteReptile - easy to install and quite cheap
    thats a record 1 year and 2 months without single post!

    back to the subject, have a look at seems nice product, they are running a sale in WHT too if you search for their thread in Ads forum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bashar
    thats a record 1 year and 2 months without single post!
    Yes, I know
    I've been abroad a lot with time to read only

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    Ai ya!!

    I need a sitebuilder which is come with shopping cart. Otherwise I will use SWsoft's sitebuilder and Zen Cart's shopping cart.
    Sitebuilder CX is not bad, but it is web based not server based.

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