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    Connectivity speed

    I am looking at a VPS, i like 2 packages from 2 companies.

    1 has 10 gig & 100mbps connectivity
    and the other 5 gig but 2000mbps connectivity

    Which is better, is speed important, would the customer notice the difference?

    Why such a difference?

    Also when we get to the limits of bandwidth would you upgrade to a bigger shared hosting or go VPS?

    any ideas


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    To answer your question,

    Think of a two-lane street and a five-lane highway. The bandwith would represent the lanes or space to accommodate the motorists. Then, the motorists and additional vehicles would represent the internet traffic. Now let's imagine that the two-lane road is congested at rush hour. The speed would logically be very slow. Now, picture the highway with the same amount of traffic. It would probably be less congested since there are more lanes or bandwidth to go around. It is similar in this case. Sure, 2000mbps may sound great, but with only 5 Gigs? On the other hand, 100 mbps is a standard connection guaranteed for double the amount or 10 Gigs.

    In the end, it really depends on your needs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iainw View Post
    1 has 10 gig & 100mbps connectivity
    and the other 5 gig but 2000mbps connectivity
    What packages provides such a small amount of bandwidth?

    Have a look around the offers section and get yourself something with a reasonable amount of xfer.


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    the choice will depend on what purpose will be served by the VPS. can you share what purpose you intent to use the VPS for?

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