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    Tips: Searching Google for TLD Info

    It's often hard to find info on TLDs via Google--it treats ".com" as "com," which will provide completely unrelated info.

    The best way to search is by using the TLD, the country the TLD represents (if any), and any additional keywords.

    Using the term [ bz ] will return results related to Belize, since it's a common acronym for the country.

    Using the terms [ bz belize ] will return info on the TLD.

    Using the terms [ bz belize domains ] will return info on different registrars for .bz domains.

    Hope that helps

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    great tip Dan thanks!
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    nice tip ... very useful. thanks!
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    Thanks DAN L so much ^^

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    That is an old treat but if nobody has more information about this, maybe help us.

    Greatful info, i think com>net>org ? Is it true

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    Malatya, what more information do you need?

    Anyway, adding on to Dan L's useful information, one of the methods that I use to narrow down searches on Google is to use the "site:" operator, e.g., with "", all you get is .bz sites; " nic", usually brings up the network information centre related to the TLD; " domain name registration", usually a list of registrars with local ties; and so on. Substitute .bz in all cases for other TLDs.

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    Great piece of advice guys. That does help alot when you are trying to negotiate information off Google

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    Great Tip. But, I wouldn't negotiate information off of Google as Crusaders said. But, Google's favorite domain name is .com.

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    Very useful, thanks for that!

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    what do you think about this tool:
    Serbian Domains ; iStanCo,accredited registrar for .rs domains

    .ES Domains -Unrestricted - Any individual or company can register.
    .BZ Domains - Great names still available.

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    Thanks! really helped me out

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    Many thanks for sharing these useful tips on searching Google for TLD Info

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    just exactly what I was looking for! thanks for this tip!

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    Wow these are very nice tips thanks friend.

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    There goes some useful tips, I hope in future also you will come up with tips like this.

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    really useful! Wasn't aware of that

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