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    Need alternative to ehostpros..


    I have used ehostpros for about 1 1/2 years without any major hitches. In the past 5-6 days it has been a joke. Off and on line. Right now I have a ticket in after it went down. My cpanel shows this error..

    Sorry, your Cpanel Config file is missing your dns info. / 20

    Anyways, while I am waiting for them to resolve it I wanted to know what were some good hosting companies to consider. I would need to transfer site and name.

    Currently have the 1500mb, 50g cpanel, linux. I run a vbulletin board and about 300 pages of content. Small niche site, not more than 400 people a day.

    I would like something in the neighborhood of 3-5g storage and more bandwidth so I can expand content (video, etc). I

    I would prefer cpanel but at this point I want something that works. I had looked at godaddy but their pricing scheme was out there it seemed in terms of paying for stuff that looked like it was already included.

    Any help would be appreciated, my dog is tired of getting kicked every time my site goes down (joke).


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    Sorry to hear about the downtime but it seems like if your current host has had little to no problems in past year and half and just had few issues this week, I'd say give them another week or so before deciding to move, ofcourse always keep a backup of your files.

    If you want to begin the search already, WHT's Offer section is definitely a good place to start, and ofcourse Host Quote is another option.

    Good luck!
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    I am just very um...mad I guess at the moment and would rather do the ground work now then when I have to I guess. I have been lucky from what I have read on a couple of boards but I would rather be prepared than not.

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    Follow up--

    I didn’t want to be one of those people who posts a complaint and you never hear anything back. As of now the problem is fixed with all of the data restored.

    I have to say in all fairness in the past 1 1/2 years I have only had problems in the last 4 days or so that have yanked my chain so to speak. Other than that they have been pretty much bulletproof in my book.

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    Every host has problems somewhere along the line, but glad to see that it's already been fixed and you're back online They most likely changed servers if there was a DNS error

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