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    Can't get to external IP's from inside

    Hey Everyone,

    Quick and probably simple question to answer. I have a cisco router and I'm using static NAT. The problem is when I try to access my own external IP's from inside the network it won't resolve, I have to use the 192.x.x.x addresses, why is this?

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    The servers only have 192. ips routed to them. If you look at the ifconfig I am guessing you only have 192. ips listed.

    If you DO have the internet ips listed in the ifconfig then it is probably a matter of the routing. Your routing table is using the cisco as the gateway and it is probably not forwarding the packets to the server.
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    So do I have to add the external IP's to my NIC? That doesn't seem right. Everyone on the outside can access the machines, it's just that the machines cant loop back trough the router to themselves.


    Server 1 has internal ip of and an external of If I log on to that server and type in to a browser nothing happens but works fine. But from the outside world works and gets NAT'd to just fine.

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