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    * advertise on a huge community/dating site. 3m+ visitors per month. 130k members...

    hi all, here is an opportunity to reach out to a large audience....over 130,000 members. 3,000,000+ unique visitors per month!

    around 30,000,000 page views per month...sites have been around for a few years now and are well established. around 10:1 pageviews per each visitor, which is very good considering the nature of the site.

    meetspot -- 77k members...2,000,000+ visitors per month.

    whimit -- 56k members...800,000+ visitors per month.

    advertising rates valid for the next two month's only, november 1st - december 31st, 2005.

    $250 per 1,000,000 impressions -- rotation and stats via phpmyads.

    pm to get started
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