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    What Ecommerce Hosts offer this?

    Okay, I have been researching Ecommerce hosts for several weeks now. Currently, my company has an account with Although Volusion is a good Ecommerce host, I think they are over priced and their store is not as customizable as I would like.

    Does anyone know of good Ecommerce hosts that would be able to fullfill the folowing:

    - Support 1,000+ products
    - Ability to upload pricing via database
    - Ability to upload individual customer pricing via database (including % and $ discounts per item)
    - Ability to lockout non-registered customers
    - Ability to manually accept registered customers (only customers with a current account with the company will be allowed to register)
    - Ability to make certain products hidden
    - 200MB+ storage and 10+ Gig bandwidth

    These are the Ecommerce hosts I am currently considering. Please let me know if there are any other good ones.

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    Some of the features you are looking for can be added on an e-commerce store of the type of osCommerce.

    With osCommerce you don't have a limit of products, basically the limit is the host space, also you can do an "easy populate" it means you can upload the products from an excel file CVS, or enter it directly on the admin area.

    Customer pricing can also be set up very easy, basically you can use the wholesale module and set the price of each customer there.

    I recommend you look for companies that not only provide with the hosting but also have experience on e-commerce development.
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    osCommerce is a software package isn't it? The only problem I have with software is that I am on a Macintosh and can not run it on a Mac. Are there any other solutions that can do what you are saying but are web based?

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    OScommerce sits on the server, not your PC and is indeed 'web based'.

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