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    "Watch Dog" feature of Supermicro motherboard...?

    Is anyone familiar with the "Watch Dog" feature that's included with the Supermicro motherboards?

    In the manual for the H8DCE motherboard it states the following:

    JWD controls the Watch Dog function.
    Watch Dog is a system monitor that
    can reboot the system when a software
    application hangs. Pins 1-2 will cause
    WD to reset the system if an application
    has frozen. Pins 2-3 will generate
    a non-maskable interrupt signal for the
    application that is frozen. See the table
    on the right for jumper settings. Watch
    Dog must also be enabled in BIOS (setting
    located in the Power Menu).
    Note: When enabled, the user needs to
    write their own application software in order
    to disable the Watch Dog timer.
    Does anyone use this "Watch Dog" feature? Does it work with Linux (specifically CentOS 4.1)?

    I'm also wondering how reliable this feature is... if it has false positives often...

    Any other details or comments about this is appreciated.
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    I can't comment on how this actually works, having never used it - but to answer your question regarding it's Linux compatibility: yes.

    Enable it as a module in your 2.6.x kernel and you will have support.

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    That IS COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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