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    Billing Manager

    Hello. I have a very small list of clients that host with me (about 15) and I'm looking for a good way to keep track of billing and invoicing. I want to be able to manage start and stop dates, costs, overages, etc.

    I wonder if anyone has recommendations on an integrated billing application for keeping track of accounts. Any experience with Ubersmith? Or is there a desktop (Mac-based) app that might do the trick? Or should I just stick with good ol' Excel?

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    For a small amount of clients, I would not suggest signing up for ModernBill. In my opinion, ModernBill would be overkill for such a client base. ClientExec or WHMAP would be much more suitable in my opinion (and they both take less time to setup). We are beginning to use WHMAP and we have been very satisfied with it.
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    i should suggest using WHMAP or clientexec, both easy to use and their not over kill for that amount of clients. and you get lease them both monthly for under 25$USD/month if i rember correctly
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    clienexec work for you go with it
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    There are hundreds of threads regarding this topic, golem, do a search on here, you'll find plenty of client management systems.

    PHPCoin - Free, you get what you pay for. I wasn't impressed.

    WhoisCart - WhoisCart is a little better, but again, I wasn't too impressed.

    Ubersmith - I haven't used Ubersmith from an admin point of view, although I have been on the client side of things, and it seemed like a very nice piece of kit.

    AccountLab - I had a little play with AccountLab when it first came out, (when it was free). I haven't had a chance to use it since Netenberg took over it and started charging. It did look very promising though when it was free.

    WHMAP - I have used WHMAP in the past, I could live with it, but it was nothing special in my opinion.

    Clientexec - Clientexec, I haven't used, although it does seem to have a very sturdy reputation with many around here.

    ModernBill - ModernBill, the one I use at the moment, and probably the best I have used.

    Lpanel - No experience, but those who use it seem to give it praise.
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    ModernBill is the best imho, and it's only $5/mo more than whmap. So, if you plan to stick with the web hosting biz, you might as well go with that right off the bat. It saves you having to move client data into a bigger/better billing system later.

    Sure, it's overkill for 15 clients, but it leaves you room to grow.

    I just hate setting up billing systems. I'd rather have to do it only once rather than going with a small system at first (like whmap) then upgrading to something better later.
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    Thanks everyone. This is extremely helpful. I'll look into all of them.

    I hate billing systems, too, WHG. Because there are so few hosting clients right now (though every one of them is very important to me!), is there a desktop (OS X) app that might work just as well for billing and tracking?

    (I did do a search on "billing" and "billling systems" under the reseller forums but didn't see anything.) Thank you again!

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    i have found whoiscart is very good with all aplication once you get use to it, and have it operating corectly

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    Be very careful which you choose. You'd be wise to investigate in-depth every single one, with demos, on your own.

    You have to think long-term. If you start off with the wrong one, you will have MASSIVE PAINS later when you migrate.

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    Forget the hosting only software solutions. If you are wanting Mac based then the only GOOD solution is: OptiGold ISP

    You can see it at

    And its FREE for the first 100 clients that you have. And so is the support.

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