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    Url Redirection Script: Start your own Shorturl Service (Only $9.95 Instant Download)

    You can start your own url redirection service like tinyurl or urlrely at an extremely low price, only $9.95


    1) Turn any url into a tiny url based off your domain name. For example could turn into for example

    2) Works great for hiding affiliate links

    3) Small admin area where you can monitor the urls being re-directed, the amount of times they have been re-directed and you can also delete urls that are not active.

    4) Can be easily edited to fit into any design (template based).

    5) Takes up little server resources

    6) Can provide good advertising revenue, as you can display ads by loading the ads in the footer frame of the site being re-directed (config.php file has this setting available) or you can disable this to allow the re-direct go directly to the page.

    7) Instant Download upon payment completion via Paypal or 2Checkout


    MySQL Database
    PHP 4.0 or above
    Apache Linux Server with Mod/Rewrite capabilities

    Demo: Go to for the working demo of the script

    Cost: $9.95 payment via Paypal or 2checkout

    Click Here To Order The Script For Immediate Download

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    Do you have a DEMO of the AD capability enabled? Thanks!
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    I've updated ( to show the footer ads, using google adsense as an example, but it can be anything you wish as it runs off an ad.php footer file that you can edit however you wish. The colors etc, anything can be changed and edited in pure html/php.
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    Does it include any spam checks?
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    Anyone try this out? I am wanting a URL script like this and was wanting some feedback from anyone that has bought this.

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