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    Red face Happy customer of Megahosters

    I have several domains hosted with megahosters and have been very satisfied with the service. SPECIALLY customer service, it is promt and effective.

    Clint has gone out of his way to solve small issues.

    Reliability is a must for our hotel since reservations through internet are the main source of bussines.

    I would like a better web based mail interface that will allow me to upload my monthly reservations.

    Control panel is a nice feature and gives me the oportunity make strategical moves and try different options.

    They offer two website builders for those without html skill.

    thanks Megahosters !
    ps. I came to this site by accident. Clint's posting appeard in a google search and I was curious about it. He did not ask me to post here.

    Lia Gonzalez
    Cancun INN El Patio
    Beautifull couryard, old hacienda atmosphere.

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    From the little that I've spoken with Clint, Megahosters seems to be a great company. Keep up the good work, Clint

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    Glad to hear you are happy with Megahosters, I hope the pleasant experience

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    Thank you for the kind words Lia, we always appreciate good feedback from our loyal customers.

    It is always a pleasure serving you.

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