Were trying out a new system for web proxy on our homepage and just looking for some feedback. Some may have seen a thread with the URL posted as http://www.computersteroids.com/poxy/. And in the past we've had a system that used to do text only.

The current proxy system that we replaced the old with is featured currently on out homepage at http://www.computersteroids.com/ or at the old proxy url of http://www.computersteroids.com/proxy/

A permant URL of http://proxy.computersteroids.com will sooner or later be intiated.

Anyways enough of the URL funny buissness. Please reply with your comments on the proxy system. Some of the things Id like opinions on are:

-System Response Time
-Cookie Management (prevent/allow etc.)
-Javascript Management (prevent/allow etc.)
-URL Enconding and Scrambling
-Overall usefullness
-This system now works with Google, do you know any sites that dont respond
-Are the ads bothering you at all
-Are the ads unrelavant sometimes
-Any other General Comments

In the future we will plan to offer an ad-free SSL version so please share all comments now and I might be able to get some free year long trials to those with deep/dense comments.

Thanks Guys for Your Comments
Gilbert - Computer Steroids