NetFX Media, Inc. is looking for an very experienced long term PHP/MySQL coder who will be able to have maintain and create new projects for a very popular community and entertainment-based website.

- Previous work experience as a programmer, with references
- Looking for Long Term employment with a fast growing internet company (725,000 members currently, approaching 1 million+ within a month or two)
- Modifying existing code with new features available in current and future deployments of PHP/MySQL
- Efficiently handles tasks in a reasonable amount of time
- Creative mind to develop innovative and unique solutions to complex problems

- PHP - 3+ years experience advanced level
- MySQL - 3+ years experience, advanced level
- Linux - 3+ years experience, advanced level
- Experience with Distributed Sessions
- Experience with Distributed Content Caching
- Experience with Postfix + Courier-IMAP
- Strong object-oriented analysis and design background
- Extremely detail oriented and organized
- Create large scale web applications to handle heavy user loads
- Meet deadlines

Please no outsource programming companies reply. We are looking for individuals.

Salary/pay is negotiable based upon experience.

Contact me via private message.