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    Steer clear of Jaguar

    Hey, just a heads up fellas.

    I have been with Jaguar for about 12 months and 10 of those were perfect, no problems at all.

    But the last 2 months have been pathetic, plenty of downtime, only being able to download my emails 50% of the time, and in the last week or so having real problems uploading my files to the server.

    Going to move as soon as possible.

    Sad, because I got on so well with them before and tech support is really great.

    I'm on a shared server by the way.

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    Do you have some ticket numbers I can review? Support is relatively calm and has been for some time. There arent any widespread problems of this nature that Im aware of. If support isnt aware of a problem they cant do much to help , if they are aware and arent helping I would like to hear about it. Oh and make sure you can rule out ISP issues as well. We will help you look at whats going on and see what can be to rectify it.

    I hope we are able to help get you back to the service you know and should expect from use, ie stellar.
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    Sure, do yourself a favour and look at how many messages I sent you over the last 2 months and then look at how many messages I sent you before this date.

    A ratio of about 8:1. and all of them complaing about the site being down and other problems.

    Been trying today to upload 50 new files, on average it takes 1 min per file and then disconnects. Email is yet again not working, doesn't work at least 60% of the time now.

    It's not my ISP either because I host with 3 other hosters and spend all day on the web.

    Listen, I don't want to change hosting accounts at all, but business is business and if you can't provide me with the service a) that I signed up for and b) that you used to provide me with then I'll have to go.

    I appreciate you replying to this message and if one thing it proves one of my points, your tech support is very good.

    PS. I've emailed you my account name.

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    OK folks, it's me being a drama queen!

    Just had a long chat with Greg at Jaguar and looks like there was some specific problem relating to my site on their server.

    He's already moved my account to a different server and has got his team looking into the problem. See what I mean about them having excellent technical support.

    No hard feelings Jaguar, and thanks for sorting my problems out.

    PS. Just uploaded those 50 files, only took 2 mins

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    I am completely lost here! One 1 hour before your last message, you said you were trying to reach the support for 2 months, in writing TWO MONTHS, and that they had not helped you and solved your problems for 2 months. Now, after a phone call, and now you are saying they are great hosts with awesome support.

    Any host that does not solve a problem and keep it dragging for 2 months is not a good host for me, no matter what they say on the phone after 2 months of messing up.

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    No hard feelings Jaguar, and thanks for sorting my problems out.
    No hard feelings? How about the thread with the title "Steer clear of Jaguar" that has just been glanced at by every person coming into the webhosting forum for the last hour? If I were you, I'd have this thread deleted altogether.

    Trigger happy newbies. There are better channels to vent with than a highly trafficked public forum. Learn some patience, christ.


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    Looks like you got their attention?

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    My review of Jaguar LLC

    For the last year I have been with Jaguar LLC and have a personal rating for them of 4/5 stars. Overall I would say they are a great host. Quick and effective is their customer service. Decent pricing for storage/bandwidth/database ratio.

    I would like to mention that every now and then it seems that my shared server does experience problems probably relating to someone elses website running an out of control sql query. Those problems include extremely slow response times in requesting data from the server or uploading data to the server. I have had about 3 of these 2-3 day outtages since I have been with the host. Cpanel is a decent control panel as it has a bunch of options, but one problem I noticed was that I cannot remove any gpg keys created, that has to be a support ticket. I would recommend them for someone looking for a good host to get your website up and running. - Web Development Tools

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