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    Angry Got scammed by ebayer paid through paypal=evil

    Hey guys,

    I know that there is probably absolutely nothing I can do now but if anyone has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated. About 4 months ago, I bought a laptop (apple powerbook nib 17 inch) from an ebayer who had 100% feedback on 5 sales (including a + feedback on the same item I was buying). It was for $2,000 which I paid via paypal thinking that the credit card would be used as primary source of funding as stated on the payment page, but when I sent the payment, it took $1027 balance that I had in my paypal account to pay, and took the remaining 800+ from my credit card. Anyways, I thought nothing of it at the time because I was thinking..he has 100% feedback and responds to all my emails pretty quickly. So then 7 days passed and no item..he told me 2 days after the payment that the item was shipped. I never recieved anything and he never responded to any of my calls or emails. Basically I'm out of luck and out of $1027 because paypal said that they can't do anything since he has no balance in his account. Well obviously he doesn't because he's a scam artist. He had 3 other auctions of apple systems (g5 desktop and 2 other laptops)..anyways each of us are out $2000+ and paypal won't give out his address or any info. All we know is he registered his ebay undr clarkston, georgia. I tried getting updates from the other ebayers who got scammed but they basically gave up on this. Do I take a loss and learn a lesson or is there anything I can do to pursue this. BTW, paypal sided with me when I filed a complaint but said that they can't do anything. This company is evil and is harboring scam artists because they make $ for each transaction so they dont care if a loyal ebayer/paypaler gets scammed. I guess they care more about $ than they do about their customers. I bought/sold so many things using paypal/ebay but stopped after this incident. I can't support a company who helps scam artists and does absolutely nothing to protect honest buyers/sellers.

    I contacted BBB but they said they can't do anything about this either

    Any advice?

    I forgot to add, I am very careful when making online purchases and only use CC's for protection. I was able to recover the 800ish from the cc company. There is no way I intended to use paypal balance to pay for the laptop. The wording 'primary source of funding' confused me so I was under the impression that it was coming all out of my credit card, not my paypal balance.

    Thanks in advance
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    $2,000 aint cheap. I wouldn't leave this for PayPal and Ebay to sort out. I would get talking to the credit card company about getting the $800 back and talking to the authorities about the scam. You need to report these things to the police otherwise they'll just continue to get away with it.

    Plus, 5 feedback rating and it was 100%? Feedback rating doesn't mean anything on ebay. It's easy to get your feedback rating up without doing much. How do you know all those ratings were authentic?

    I have always had this simple rule: "Never spend more than 50-70" on a single item on ebay".

    This week, I had bought a pair of trainers on ebay. It cost 57 but the trainers were fake. The guy refused a refund, but I made sure it was paid by credit card (via PayPal) and not local funds. I threatened a chargeback and claimed I had a letter from the manufacturer confirming they are fake. He believed me, and refunded the items plus extra for delivery to send them back before I even sent the items back.
    I then purchased another pair that I was told it was authentic. This guy had 99.8% feedback from 3,000+ people. Followed same procedures. Got the item. Cheap and fake. Did the same process and got 100% money back and haven't even sent this pair back yet either.
    Like i said, feedback rating doesn't mean anything.

    All the best in getting your money back. Be consistent and take the matter as far as you see viable.
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    May be the e-mail headers can help you to find the IP of the sender somehow (or you may contact the service provider of that scammer) and ask the ISP to locate his address.

    I know that police can obtain such information and all records of IP and locations are kept at least for 6 months (This is how it is in Turkey).

    If I were you, I'd print out all possible documents that'll persuade the police to take a look at IP records and find the guy.

    Also you can ask for the invoice or a detailed information paper from transportation company to prove that he sent nothing.
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    stealth, i already recovered the $800+, its the $1000 I am out I already filed a police report in my local city and they said its out of their jurisdiction its hard to get anythign done when all authorities I go to say they can't do anything about it. I also filed a complaint with or some online scam tracking company. They didn't even respond.

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    This is definitely a very bad situation, and from reading posts of these type of situations.. you are possibly out of luck. I've probably read over a hundred of these stories in the last few weeks on various forums, and I haven't seen one person get their money back.

    Paypal is horrible at this, and I see no change in the future. Its extremly easy to sign up with faulty information, scam people and get out before Paypal even knows what happens. / We Filter out the Bad Leads and Send you the Good ones!
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    well i faced similar problem at where seller took my money and run away and it all didn't seem worth to go through long procedure of ebay but it was very small amount (about $10) so i let it go and stop buying on ebay.
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    The thing that I have to mention is paypal will not recover any cents of your scammed amount if the seller have not available balance at their paypal account to recover your loss, I know it from my own experiences.
    So if you are buying sometihing by paypal you must be sure about the seller or you just wont use paypal. This is what paypal exactly said me after I got scammed very badly about 1200euro. And again according to my experiences you cant get back your money by complaining BBB or IFCFBI .. unless you find the seller locally and complain directly to the police with evidances. Again you have still less chance to get your scammed due if the seller wont pay it to you but this is the best you can effort to get paid back.

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    IC3 does not do anything unless they have a lot of other people that got scammed by that same person. We're not talking 1 2 10 or 50, but a very large number. As for paypal, they are a terrible company that does not try to help and protect the buyers or sellers. For example, a person can send money and the recieve can cancel his account get steal the money. YET the person that sends money for an intangiable can dispute it and get it back. Your better off using checks or money order.

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    I also have been scammed!

    It looks like he too will cancel his account since he still hasnt responded to paypal

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    Wow, that sucks man. I think the most I've been scammed outo f was $30 or so I paid for a bulk lot of untested switches. Never got them, and I didn't do much other than file a complaint with squaretrade. Nothing ever came of it.

    I was wondering how the Credit Card companies delte with payments through PayPal, now that I know these payments are protected too I will defintly use them for anything of a significant amount.

    Good Luck!

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    Well, thanks guys for your replies. The best thing I can do I guess is post my story on many forums so people are more hesitant and use these services very carefully.

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    eBay and Paypal are partly to blame for all of this. They make you believe their systems are great, but when problems arise, they basically tell you to f* off.

    Look at what has happened. You paid by Paypal and got no recourses. Paypal sure got their cut, which is greater than what merchant accounts pay.

    So basically Paypal made more money in commissions, and you got less protection (can't charge it back). What a good business eh?

    Stay far away from eBait and Payscam.

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    Paypal business ethic is so strict and clear about the scamming issues : It is that paypal never allows even a cent of loss to the paypal wallet due to a scam or any other relation between seller and buyer!
    PayPal never loose whatever happens. This is their act on every matter. No matter seller or buyer abused but it does matter that paypal have to not lost any cents.
    Rest is just bunch of a TOS, AUP blah blah.. = story

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    Do you still have the email ebay sent you stating you won the auction? Because if I am not mistaken, his mailing address should be near the bottom of it.

    I just checked an ebay email and it has the sellers information, including name and address. This was a recent auction that I won, and I checked some emails from a couple of months ago, and it gives lastname city and state... So I dont know.

    I think the way that email works, is if they give you the option to pay by check or MO then it gives you the address to send the money to. And if you are the seller, that same email should give you the address of the buyer so you can ship the item.

    You could also try this link, to find his contact info

    You might check that, I dont know if it will help, but its worth a look.
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    Originally posted by masfenix
    I too also have gotten scammed..

    Paypals poilcy sucks.
    not just their policy..their whole corporation and everything related to paypal.

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    I have swtiched over to stormpay.. and its not gonna be long before eveyrone else does. (after they get scammed once or twice)

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    stormpay = paypal alternative?

    the sad part is i've been using paypal/ebay since both companies started..i was a pioneer member...and this is how they treat their loyal customers? how pathetic...i guess its worth for them to lose a happy customer and have them bad mouth their company than help go after a scam artist

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    what i dont understand is,

    one time when I was little and was satrting out with a noob site, I didnt know how paypal worked, and I paid using bankaccount, and i had trasnfered all my bank account money to paypal.

    So my bank account went in negative, paypal went in and took a presentment fee. They have access to bank account (to make transactions).
    but when it comes to helping someone out, they cant go in there bank account and retrieve the funds. I mean they have the info and everything. if its not in the scammers paypal, then its in bank account. Just take it out. They have the right i guess.

    mynes even a worse story then yours. Not going to say it now. But yea I have to sell my site now so, i m hating this right now.

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    that sucks masfenix..sorry to hear about that..i guess i feel a little better when I spread my story around the net or recommend my friends and people on the net not to use paypal.

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    The FBI wont deal with anything under $5,000 but if you talk to the other people who are out of the money, Im sure that you can just call the FBI and have them look into it. Even if it doesnt total over 5,000 they may be able to help crack down because of the circumstances.

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    You sure paypal wont do it?

    They did the best they could to get back my money last time... and it was only about $90..

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    Originally posted by Tee
    The FBI wont deal with anything under $5,000 but if you talk to the other people who are out of the money, Im sure that you can just call the FBI and have them look into it. Even if it doesnt total over 5,000 they may be able to help crack down because of the circumstances.
    yes..3 other buyers were out 2000+ a piece so it does total 5k plus.

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    Originally posted by AnsonM
    You sure paypal wont do it?

    They did the best they could to get back my money last time... and it was only about $90..
    anson... they ahve some thing that they recover up to $150 so I'm sure the $90 was nothing for them. the other 3 sellers recovered $150.

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