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    Stable 64 Bits Linux with cPanel?

    I currently have CentOS 4.3 on an AMD 64 3800+ with cPanel and it's horribly unstable. Server crashes constantly, etc. Should I just downgrade to 64 Bit CentOS 3.5 or 4.0 or get 64 Bits Fedora Core 4?

    Help is appriciated.

    Thanks & Regards.

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    Actually I ment CentOS 4.2 not 4.3.


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    You should try to troubleshoot 4.2 on your current system as Centos4.2 64bit is perfectly stable for thousands of people.

    Edit: Try in #centos on if you want help, lots of people there, including myself.

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    CPanel itself only offers a stable environment for 4.1.
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    If the server is crashing (i.e. locking/freezing) regularly, I doubt your problem is related directly to cPanel although that may be the catalyst. Have you actually investigated the cause of the crashes to any extent?

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    Originally posted by VapoRub
    CPanel itself only offers a stable environment for 4.1.
    Are you talking about 32 or 64bits?

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