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    PHP/MySQL host recommendations?


    I was wondering if anyone can recommend any really good hosts for PHP & MySQL sites?

    I am looking for a company who support the things below, have excellent tech support (i.e. things only take an hour or so to get resolved), and are generally professional.

    We did have an account with another company, but after hearing many bad things about them (such as switching off peoples websites with no prior warning) promptly closed the account and got our money back.

    We need the account to support the following:

    - GD Graphics Library PHP extension
    - OpenSSL PHP extension
    - No limits set in php.ini on size of HTTP file uploads OR the ability to set up our own php.ini file (prefered)
    - Cron jobs (optional but helpful)
    - Quite a lot of disk space, 2GB+, as well as the higher end of the bandwith limit scale (our site will be uploading and downloading a lot of files, anything from 1mb – 20mb)

    We also need support for MySQL databases (with a lot of storage space, preferably as part of the main disk space quota, rather than seperate) and Perl.

    Were looking to spend no more than $20/£12 a month.

    I know this is a very specific list, its just there’s so many hosts it’s a nightmare trying to pick one, and you never really know if there any good until you have paid out.

    Thanks for you help,


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    Try using the host quote feature on top of the forums

    You can also try searching on and

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    Yeah, i have tried HostSearch e.t.c, but alot of the things we need for the site are quite specific, e.g. "has GD graphics library and openSSL" is not a option on the HostSearch search, and when you just lookup PHP hosts with MySQL and 2gb + of disk space you get LOADS of results.

    Was just hoping that someone here might be with someone (and therefore know they support what i need) that has all these features.

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