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    OverloadGaming Sponsorship/Advertisment Request

    Hello, this post is concering the sponsorship of OverloadGaming, a professional multigaming organization.

    Before I go further, I'm going to explain what we do and who we are. First and foremost, we have two divisions: Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike:Source. We participate in CAL (, CEVO (, and CPL (

    CAL: Cyberathelete Amatuer League, this league has over 20,000 members playing in it in multiple divisions. It has been around for over 5 years and is home to the most competition in competitive games (Also known as eSports). Leagues are as following in this order: Open < Intermediate < Main < Premier < Invite

    CEVO: Cyber Evolution, is a pay-to-play league in which teams compete for first place and a chance to win part of the various prize pots at the end of the season. Leagues are the following in the following order: Amatuer < Intermediate < Main < Professional

    CPL: Cyberathlete Professional League, is home to the largest tournament for competitive eSports. Twice a year they hold world wide tournaments, held in Texas for the grand finals, where over 128 teams compete for a chance at the 100,000$ pot. Throughout the year, The CPL Holds World Tour stops, at which teams compete at those LANs for parts of the pot as well as points towards the World Tour Grand Finals.

    A little background on the team and the creators, my name is Tyler Lecher. I am 19 years old and have been competiting in eSports for over3 years. My co-owner, Matthew Bichop has been competing for 5 years and has attended the CPL multiple times.

    Our Counter-Strike team is CAL-Premier and CEVO-Main (See above for how they are ranked.) and is currently ranked #4 in CEVO-Main.

    Our Counter-Strike:Source team is currently CAL-Main, they are currently competiting in an online tournament in which they beat the #4 seeded team in playoffs of last season.

    Our orginization is dedicated to professionalism and constant improvement of our skill, we intend on attending various LANs around the country and competiting to further the eSport world.

    We currently have a professional website being designed and we can show you the layout and where you're ads would go upon request.

    The following is what you will be receiving in terms of advertising:
    - Your Banner on our Website
    - Your Website URL In Our IRC Channel
    - Your website URL on our rotating advertising bot oN IRC
    - Your website URL posted sparatically in the SourceTV during live matches.
    - Logo/URL on our T-Shirts when attending LAN Events
    - Advertisment in a signature on a forum of over 20,000 members, that is listed as 4th highest poster with over 3,500+ posts.
    - More upon request

    What we request from you in this sponsorship is the following:
    1) 11 Man CS:S Private Server from Nuclearfallout (42.48$ aprox.) with ping accerlation.
    2) 11 Man CS 1.6 Server from aim2game (42$ aprox.)
    3) 25 Man Ventrilo Server from TypeFrag (12$ aprox.)
    4) Web Hosting (Whatever host you prefer to buy from, we need a simple amount of web hosting for our already purchased domain.)

    Total expenses: $102/month (Aprox)

    The above has been listed in order of importance, we understand if you cannot provide all things for us but the more you provide the more advertising you will receive to a very large audience of competitive gamers. As you go down the list, we give you what we need in order of importance, so if you can only provide the two 11 man private servers, that is fine.

    We ask that an agreement be made for a 3 month contract, at the end of which we will assess if you would like to continue sponsoring us or not. The reason for this, is to ensure us that you are serious about the sponsorship and aren't trying to get a quick advertisment out of it.

    Contact me if you have further questions, my contact information is listed below.

    AIM: Virii XD
    E-mail: [email protected]
    IRC: #Overload on (PM Overload|ViRii[K])
    PM Me on the Forums
    MSN: [email protected] (Pleaes PM me to request that I get on MSN to discuss, I am not normally on)

    Thank you for your time.

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    I've msg'd you on AIM.

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