We will manage your server just like we managed ours. Please see below what we can do:

- Compiler / fetch app. limiting. (limits access to compilers)
- Logwatch installation and configuration (Sends a detailed daily report of server events based on logs)
- Host.conf & sysctl hardening (spoof protection and basic ddos protection)
- Installation and configuration of APF (restricts access to unneeded ports) with ANTI-DOS
- Installation of security updates by OS/Control panel Vendor
- Noexec, Nosuid temporary directorys (noexec directories such as /tmp, /var/tmp, /dev/shm)
- LibSafe Installation (software level attack buffer. Prevents buffer overflow attacks)
- CHkrootkit (checks for possible rootkits on the server.)
- Php Open_Basedir Tweak
- BFD - (Brute Force Detection)
- ClamAV + ExiScan Installation (email virus/spam scanning)
- RBL/DNSBL Thru Exim with RBL Whitelist, Blocklist & Bypass integrated with abuseat.org, spamcop.net, spamhaus.org, ordb.org and njabl.org for spamming
- Install Forge Helo To Protect From Using The Server For Spamming
- Install Exim Dictionary Attack
- Secure kernel default
- Secure ports
- Install PRM ( Process Resource Monitor ) to monitor processes and kill overloading in the server
- Install SPRI ( System Priority ) to control server load
- Install Mod_Security with massive custom rules
- Secure root login
- Secure sshd port
- Fix RNDC
- Fix DNS for binding
- Optimize Apache
- Optimize MySQL
- Optimize PHP
- Compile PHP
- Update Softwares
- Update Cpanel to the latest version
- Install Cpanel PRO
- Install softwares (i.e MRTG) per your request
- Monitor your server every month
- Update your server every month
- Assist you for any problem with your server to make it run smoothly
- and more...

All these for Only $30/month or For A One Time Fee of 25 dollars (see http://jonesolutions.com/services.html for more info). Pay quarterly and get free RVSKIN.

Some Testimonial:

1.) You must have Cpanel
2.) Your OS must be Redhat 9, Trustix, Fedora 2 or 3, Redhat Enterprise Edition 3 or 4 and CentOS 3 or CentOS 4.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]