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    Cpanel Cron Backup

    Hey All,
    I have recently experienced 24 hours of downtime with my host who couldn't have done more and do have a good backup system in place so I have suffered no file damage.

    But it made me wonder is there anyway (using base cpanel) to schedule a cron say weekly to do a complete cpanel backup (including database dumps) to a remote ftp location.


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    This is possible however you would need to write a script in perl/bash/php to do this.

    Do you have any experience in scripting at all?

    Does your host have a backup plan in place at all? if so you could ask them to setup a cronjob to ftp your backup to a remote server.
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    or you can setup an ftp backup account with someplace like Gnax, run a mysqldump via cron tar/gzip it and then rsync your home directory.

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    I haven't used them, but seems to have a good rep, and I'm sure that they will help you with setting up cron jobs. Just as cheap as GNAX, but with no setup fee, I believe.

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