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    Question IMPOSSIBLE Webalizer Stats

    When I run Webalizer on a logfile which has a handful of records dated from October 14th to today, I get Webalizer stats dating back to June (the release date of one of the OTHER sites on the server).

    Now, you'd think that this must be due to making a mistake on the crontab entry, so I've checked the executable line ... there are NO mistakes! The correct domain is specified, in all places, and the access_log file is linked perfectly.

    The stats are just ridiculous, and must somehow be dragging records from other domains. Despite my instructions.

    Please help! I appear to be the only person on the Internet with this problem (story of my life).

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    tail -f /var/log/nerd
    Hi there, I honestly don't have an answer for your however I will give you this link as I doubt this place will yeild any help for you in this technical matter.

    There is a Yahoo Groups Forum specifically for webalizer, lots of the developers hang on on there so that would be a great start:

    Hope you get it resolved.

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