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    I would like to grab any opinions that you may have on Gamer Within's current design. What do you like/hate about it, and do you think it works well with the site's targetted audience? (gamers)

    Gamer Within is located at:

    Any useful opinions or suggestions for improvement are greatly appreciated.

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    very nice
    the design, the banner, the games screen shots are very good
    the navigation text at the very top is too small needs to be enlarged a bit

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    The header lets this design down, the colour is a bit horrible and text is aswell, needs to keep to the orange and black theme

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    here are my $0.02:

    - The overall graphics are very good.
    - The orange on gray font may not be too appealing to some people but its not bugging me soo much either

    Couple things regarding this page:

    - It looks like you are missing the left border
    - on top of your white rounded rectangle body is a gray rectangular space before the orange. It looks a bit ..."not soo nice".
    - if you ask me the TYPE column should be set as % because when the page shrinks in width, it just stays there as 1 big blank white space ...

    I havent looked at the remaining pages. Hope you find this info useful.


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    Thanks for the opinions and suggestions on improvement so far - they have been taken into consideration.

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    Nice site good design lots of content to keep people comming back.

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