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    119 Paid Cpanel accounts and 2500 Active Free Accounts For Sale

    I have an established web hosting company that has been oporational since Dec of 2004. I am getting a new job soon and won't have time to devote to it.

    All 119 accounts are cpanel accounts that are currently paying through paypal subscription. Most are Yearly, and started between Dec. and Mar. (So they are coming up on renewal soon)

    The yearly prices are from $25 a year for 500mb/5gb to $60 for 2gb / 20gb (with specials for up to double the bandwidth / space)

    The monthly subscribers are between $3 and $9 a month.

    The free accounts are 50 MB of space and 500MB of bandwidth a piece

    All accounts are running on one server, a 3ghz HT w/ 1gb of ram and 200GB HD. 1TB of bandwidth. It is a Layered Tech server, I am paying $125 a month for it. The server is included if you wish.

    I can provide detailed account information for all users and totals for use of bandwidth and space.

    The accounts are to be sold as a combination only. You must take the free and paid accounts and ensure that you will provide decent service to the free users for at least 1 year. (though they are the only way I gain customers, they are well worth the little resources they use.)

    The Free accounts dont' have any banners or forum posting requirnments, they are there for people to use the service and hopefully upgrade.

    Please call me at 616-826-0388 if you are interested in a lump sum purchase of the entire oporation including a couple prime websites, the domains, and the layouts. I am not interested in a monthly / yearly purchase.

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    Can you PM me with the details of the accounts, users, bandwith, URL, stats, and asking price.?

    Thanks in advance.
    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, don't touch this!

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    Same request here, may I have a client breakdown.

    Thank you

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    I just exported all of the data from Paypal and here are the monthly gross income numbers. (There are actually 129 accounts)

    	Monthly	6 Month	Yearly
    Jan	102	55.00	665
    Feb	102	90.00	975
    Mar	102	15.00	635
    Apr	102	40.00	215
    May	102	15.00	190
    June	102	70.00	225
    July	102	55.00	35
    Aug	102	90.00	320
    Sept	102	15.00	95
    Oct	102	40.00	0
    Nov	102	15.00	0
    Dec	102	70.00	130
    Total	1224.00	570.00	3485.00
    		Total	5279.00
    The cost currently is $125 a month / $1500 a year, so the Net Yearly income is $3779.

    You will also notice that the business is set to gross $3043 Dec-Mar. Because most of the accounts are yearly accounts set to renew soon.

    About the free accounts, that all but 10 of the paid accounts have started off as free accounts, making the free accounts very valuable as advertising, people like trying out the service before committing to buying it, and they take very little server resources to maintain. Show the free accounts good service, and when they need more space / bandwidth, they will upgrade with you.

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    Here are some questions and answers I have received:

    Please, provide us with more details, especially on the resource usage (CPU/RAM/Traffic/Space/etc.),

    Resource usage: a server load of between .5 and 1.5 about 90% of the time (Wich it being a HT processor, a load of 2 is within limits) about 180gb of space used and about half a terabyte of traffic a month.

    Let me know how you manage your billing and support. Do you using some kind of billing programs (like LPanel, ModernBill, ClientExec, WHMAP, etc.) and/or helpdesk software?
    Support: email and AIM

    Do you have all the details of your clients in other way (Excel, email database, etc.)?
    Excel and a msql database

    We have Business PayPal account, so we could continue accepting payments from the clients with no problems. The question - are all of these clients paying via PayPal? Do you have anyone (how many) who pay with other payment methods?
    Nope, 100% paypal
    What Control panel and OS you are running on the server?
    Cpanel/whm on centOS

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    Please PM me with details on how I can contact you by email/chat. I am interested in making a serious offer but do have a few more questions for you.


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    Could you PM me with details on how I can contact you by email/chat. I also am interested in making a serious offer.


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    Could you pm me? Im interested also include a price of how much you want this for.

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    can u PM me too? I want to know the price range
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    Is this deal going on? PM me If not please!Thanks!!!
    Regards, Rumi
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