Hi all,

I run a tech site named Viperlair, viperlair.com

Right now, we're doing things the old archaic way, aka HTML. Actually, it's all shtml and css, but in anycase, updating and posting reviews submitted by my writers is a royal pain.

Right now, I get reviews from writers in Word (HTML from a couple, but I still need to apply a template) so I need to manually code them, edit pictures, etc.

Furthermore, I have to edit my main page, reviews page and various SSI blocks whenever content changes.

Basically, I'm looking for a PHP coder to help me out in bringing us up to date and simplify management. I intend to keep my current look and feel, so this is what I need:

1) CMS: Could be custom or something existing adapted to our site's look and navigation. It needs to be secure obviously. I'm wary of open sourced CMS systems because these typically have not enough/much more than I need. They are also not really tailored for tech site use.

2) A review submission system where my writers can submit their work, edit and proof it. These can then sit in queue until the admin approves it and in doing so the review is live and the content changes are automatically reflected on our appropriate internal link pages.

Before publication, one thing we like to do is submit a link to the sponsor/manufacturer prior to it being live and preferably, we'd like this link be the same as the final one so I don't need to resend it when we publish it.

3) Some kind of way to upload review images without giving my writers root access via FTP to do this. An automatic thumbnailer would be nice.

4) The review must have the ability to span multiple pages. Some sites I've seen have huge one page reviews, and this is something I want to avoid. I also want to avoid 3000 character URL links with the finished reviews, so I'd like something more reasonable.

5) If I change the site layout, I want to make sure I'll be able to carry the content over without breaking anything.

6) Catagories, calenders for reviews would be nice. I'd also like to have a jump-to box and perhaps a print and email article option.

7) I'd like some way to syndicate our news... RSS or something.

8) Banner rotation system. Some of our ads are simply java code, so I would still like the ability to drop in code into a field if needed.

9) The key is ease of use, as most of my writers are not HTML literate. Maybe a WYSIWYG editor for review posting, and a simple means for them to insert their images.

10) This applies to articles as well, but that should be easy.

I'd like something similar to maybe how hardocp.com, or other large and efficient websites work. Reason for mentioning [H] is because both of us used the same designer, so navigation is very similar.

You can pm or email me at hubert at viperlair dot com to discuss the work and payment terms. I can pay by paypal or check. Please indicate what currency your price would be. Also, please include references or examples if you can.

My budget for this is basically as much as is needed. Obviously, the cheaper the better, but depending on your experience and portfolio, I'll pay what is needed to make this happen.