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    Cheap Advertising, Gaming Site, 250,000+ Uniques


    I'd like to let you all know there is advertising available at MPC Download Center ( ) . This month I am offering 1 NO-ROTATION 480 x 60 advertising spot on the main page, forum & downloads pages (there are thousands) for $50/month and 1 NO-ROTATION 200 x 600 advertising spot on all download pages for $50/month (example download page ad: ). Your advertisement will run on from October 22nd to November 22nd. The site gets 250,000+ Uniques/month and over 1,800,000 page views/month, which is NOT SHARED WITH ANY OTHER ADVERTISER! You'll be able to moniter your hits from phpAdsNew or if you prefer, you can use your own stat tracking software.

    For statistics proof check

    Contact me via PM if you're interested.

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    I am very interested in this offer, please explain me again. 480x60 + 200x600 on all pages for 1 month 50$?

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    No... It's two different ads... each one costs $50. The 468 x 60 is on all pages and 200 x 600 is only on the download pages, I listed an example of what 1 download page looks like, there's over 4000 of them with thousands of uniques per day.

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    im very interested, I will let you know before 22nd and I do use that forum to get some cheats for AA

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