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    VPSEASY.COM- offline ???

    Can anyone please inform me of the current status of VPSEASY.COM. I've searched the forums and noted that there's a bit of trouble with Does this include VPSEASY? I have a test/sandpit site on VPSEASY and for various reasons haven't used it for a few weeks? No DNS resolution of domain name or successfull ping to allocated IP addresses? I've paid in advance so if it's dusted want to know if other forum users have been successful in getting refunds ???

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    Yeah, I can't access it from here either. I wouldn't know anything to help you about U2Mike though.

    Good luck!

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    Appears to be down here as well.

    I remember reading somewhere that U2MIKE was sold a few months back, I am not sure if the owner sold VPSEASY too or kept it.

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    Thanks for the link Rus.
    This doesn't look good at all especially from here in New Zealand. I'll go through the references here and see what my options are with PayPal.

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