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    Hosting my own site and dynamic DNS

    I've got a domain with goDaddy and set up an account with Silly question, but how do I know the numeric IP to enter for my server? The server is a linux box sitting behind a firewall/router. It currently has a private IP of, but I assume that ZoneEdit wants the current dynamic IP assigned by my ISP on the Internet facing router. Is this right? If so:
    1) How do I find the IP
    2) It's a Netgear router, so I assume I'll need to set up forwarding so that requests for the server get sent to the right private IP behind the firewall?


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    2. yes, you have configure your router

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    Are ou running your server off your cable connection or DNS ? I would check with your provider first to see if that is not a violation of terms of service. Home of Generous George the Red Monster.
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    My ISP lets me host. As a matter of fact, this is why I left my previous ISP and switched to this one.

    One other question. If I have ddclient running on the server behind the router, how does it know when the Internet-facing IP address lease has expired and I've been given a new IP address?

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    Hello, T-Fen

    If you have a dynamic Ip you can use so your domain name can be forward to your ip everytime it changes.

    Then you can get something like if you are running XP at home. This program is great, it installs :

    MySQL 4.1.15
    PHP 5.0.5
    FileZilla FTP Server 0.9.10a
    phpMyAdmin 2.6.4-pl1
    sendmail v16

    In a click of a button all that will be installed.

    Now for a control panel you can use wich works wonders with windows XP home or Pro and XAMPP.

    Some configuration has to be done, but nothing crazy at all.

    Good Luck

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    My server is a Linux box, but I've used xampp before and like it.

    However, the question I have is if I have ddclient running on the Linux server box behind my router, is that sufficient to update ZoneEdit with my info?

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