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    Stupid Question

    Hi, M yreseller host has tol me that now my account needs to be moved to either a dedicated server or a virtual private server.
    But im not sure what a virtual private srever is. And how much they can cost.
    Any help wpuld be really appriciated.

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    Search the will find plenty of info on VPS servers

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    Virtual private servers are servers that run special software that makes it seem like you are hosted on your very own dedicated server. Generally, fewer sites are hosted at one time on a VPS, so each user can host a more resource-hungry site without bogging down the server. It's possible to lease a VPS with contol panel software, so if (for example) your current hosting provider gives you a Cpanel control panel, you can migrate to a VPS with the Cpanel software pre-installed. This will make the change much more tolerable.

    VPSes cost between $20 and $100 (or so) per month, depending on how powerful they are, and how much resources (or features such as control panels) are provided.

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