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    Can I resell 2 hosting companies through one domain ?


    I am reselling one host , and I feel I need to resell one another host that is

    my many clients are working under previous host name servers,
    can I able to setup new name servers to ?
    does this way work to sell both host accounts ? because I dont want to close account with previous host immediately.


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    I am slightly confused as to what you are asking.

    Is it that you have two reseller accounts, and you want to sell them both on your site? If so, the answer is yes, depending on your method of sale.

    If you use Clientexec, it is quite easy.

    Admin -> Plugins -> Ad new server

    Fill in all the details for your second account and presto.

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    Are you saying that you want to continue with the old host on an existing domain name and now you want another reseller account to be hosted with different provider?

    You can do that. You can choose to host your domain name at either of the hosts and for the other you can use IP address to access the control panel.

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    Yes. you can start with new name server like

    ns1. and ns2 are already using user new one ns3. and ns4 for new server

    Best of luck

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    My advise is to just get a variation on your domain name... ie, use .org, or .net for additional hosting companies you want to start.

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