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Thread: Ports blocked?

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    Ports blocked?

    When I reset one of our servers the ports for cpanel, whm and ssh no longer work. It just hangs.

    The server itself comes back up and works etc etc, but its as if the ports get blocked.

    I have checked APF and all ports are included in the configuration.

    The only way to get passed this (although I don't know how) is to reset the server and then just as its finished rebooting login into SSH, I initially get a connection refused then I log in again and I access SSH.

    Once I am in and the server has rebooted, cPanel, whm and ssh work. But I merely logged in to ssh.

    Could anyone shed any light on this?
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    Wild guess: is the reset set to 1 in /etc/conf.apf? Sounds like APF is loading rules then flushing them after a minute perhaps?

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    Ensure that u have not blocked the important ports some ports which need to remain open generally are :
    Listening TCP ports: 1,20,21,22,25,53,80,110,111,143,443,465,873,993,995,2082,2083,2084,2086,2087,2095,2096,3306,8009,8080

    Listening UDP ports: 53,873

    Hope u have them open

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