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    Lunarpages scammed me?

    I've been a Lunarpages affiliate since April and I made 8 sales until June. The checks came in and the cash was unfrozen after 30 business days($%^* Canadian banks...).

    I made another sale in September and a rep from LP called me telling me to stop sending so many hits. That month alone, I sent 53k hits, but it's nothing compared to my 8 earlier sales(they had a bug in their script and the numbers went exponentially and suddenly it shows gazillion hits).

    Now they closed my account and I sent a ticket two days ago. Any response? Nope. Usually it takes less than 12 hours for a response.

    Now what? They ripped me off for a few gigs of bandwidth? I send ~100k hits/day when I can to my personal Powweb sites and they don't complain(except for vBulletin... don't ever install it on shared hosting!).

    I heard that their servers can hold up massive usage, but if I had a hosting account with them would they close it just like that? This sucks. I liked the conversion rates.

    Powweb needs to stop the 200$ minimum payout. I have one sale and it's stuck there... at least they can pay with paypal. Also Powweb isn't reliable to host important sites. I use it to test my scripts and my friend's site.

    Forget about BlueHost. They use a crappy server to host their own web site. "You own a hosting company and you host your main web site with that?"...

    Thanks guys!

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    Seems like you have alot of hatred built up, have you tried calling them back and discussing it with one of there billing reps?

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    Not yet, I want to see if they will respond to my ticket. I'll wait until Tuesday since I sent it on Friday. It's fun to see how those kind of companies' solve issues. I heard they have good support, but after this incident, let's see how they're gonna react!

    PS. I made the 8 sales before they began overselling and I sent twice as many hits!

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    I don't see why they would be mad for you viewing their website, I am in the hosting business and would rather have my clients check my website multiple times per day. Unless they are low on bandwidth/don't purchase much from their provider, I don't see what logic there is to closing your account.

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    Probably their bandwidth is getting hit limit? I don't mind that my clients visit my website any time. If I have too much traffic then I would need to upgrade my server or more bandwidth.

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    Re: Lunarpages scammed me?

    Originally posted by simon7

    I made another sale in September and a rep from LP called me telling me to stop sending so many hits. That month alone, I sent 53k hits, but it's nothing compared to my 8 earlier sales

    Well, actually I can understand if you send 53 000 hits to get 1 sale... then they might get annoyed. You may think they shouldn't, but that is your view on things...

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    that is a lot of hits, are you doing this from a super popular page or popups or something?
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