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    Looking for 100 Mbps Dedicated Unmetered

    Hello all,

    I'm looking for 100 Mbps dedicated unmetered server. Please note that during most of the day every day we will sustain 100 mbps or a little below, so we need a dedicated 100 mbps server. IM me your prices or email me them at admin [at] star104 [dot] net.


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    You cannot request hosting on the forum,

    Host quote at the top right or look at the dedicated server offers forum.

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    My apologies. Please, any mods, move this post to the appropriate forum.

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    Originally posted by star104
    My apologies. Please, any mods, move this post to the appropriate forum.
    You cannot request hosting in any forums on the board. What you can do though, is ask for suggestions from members on the board who have had experience with un-metered providers.

    edit; For a provider you may want to check out or (both housed in same DC). Just make sure you get a box that can sustain a 100mbps. SCSI drives, preferably a dual processor system and 2-4 gb's of ram or so.
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    Your best bet would be to check the offers section. There are at least a few unmetered offers floating around there.

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    hitting the capacity of the line for most of the day doesn't affect your network or application performance?
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