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    Talking Wow is AWESOME!

    I am stunned. ROCKS!

    I was looking for a Chicago InterNap dedicated server provider, and found I called them up, and he begain going over the prices and setup of their company. I then told him I was starting a GSP and I'm doing some research on bandwidth and providers. I said I was looking to start small (a DS2 on his site) and that I didn't have a big budget. He then offered to upgrade the DS2 from 1Gb of RAM to 1.5Gb of RAM for free, and upgrade the HDD to 2x80Gb Serial ATA from 1x160Gb IDE.

    So I thought about it and decided this company was awesome. Then a few minutes ago I called him (Reyner) back and told him about how I was still a little uneasy about investing so much money so fast. I asked him for a test server, for 2-3 days, on their DS1 dedicated server with about 1/2mbps. He then offered to give me a 2 week trial with the quote he gave me above! Their DS2 with 512Mb more RAM on Serial ATA's, with 1mbps, for a 2 week trial period in Dallas, FOR FREE! I was shocked.

    Two big thumbs up for, Ill post back in a couple weeks with the performance reports of the test server on InterNap =]

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    sounds like great support, let us know about the test results!

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    Sounds like a good start. Keep us posted on how it goes!

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